Members Only and Garda Vetting

The IASCM, formerly the Resident Managers Association, was founded in 1930. It is the national organisation of professional social care managers and leaders in Ireland. The IASCM is one of the three organisations that make up Social Care Ireland.

Our objectives are to:
  • Continuously improve the standards of residential care to children and young people in State care in Ireland by promoting excellent management and leadership
  • Provide networking, raining and development opportunities to social care managers and leaders
  • Represent the views of managers and leaders in social care services
  • Advocate for better services and resources for children in care in Ireland
  • represent managers and leaders on Government and other relevant bodies concerned with policy development
How we operate

There are no paid positions in the IASCM. Members elect a Committee every year who take responsibility for the organisation for that year. That Committee nominates representatives to Social Care Ireland. Where possible we try to have equal parts representation from the voluntary, private and statutory sectors.

The IASCM runs seminars for its members and organises its national conference annually, now as part of the Social Care Ireland conference.

The IASCM provides a Garda Vetting service for its members.

Why join?
  • To make your voice heard
  • To engage in low-cost professional development through attendance at seminars
  • To attend the national Social Care Ireland conference
  • To avail of a low-cost Garda Vetting service